TerraTox™ - Pesticides

Profile: Specialty database with pesticides
Users: Researchers & mangers in pharmaceutics, pesticides, environment, agriculture, waste management, etc.
Data: Measured physico-chemical property and toxicity data (LC50, LD50, EC50, IC50, CC50, ICG50, etc.) for almost 100 species of aquatic and terrestrial organisms and over 5,100 pesticides and their metabolites. TerraQSARTM computed octanol/water partition coefficients and fathead minnow 96-hr LC50 data. For details, see: Parameters. For a list of compounds in the database, see Pesticides.htm, or Pesticides.pdf
Search Capabilities: Uses TerraTox vs. 3 search engine with concurrent searching for:
- Molecular structure fragment
- Multiple name fragments
- CAS number fragment
- Chemical formula fragment
- Two numeric property values or ranges of any of the
Search Results List: Complete list satisfying all search criteria. List can be exported or printed. List can be appended with results from additional searches
Individual Compound Records: Accessible from Search Results List. Complete reports with compound structure, available toxicity & property values, and references.
Manual: Built-in, with examples.
Medium: CD-ROM. DEMO CD available!
Oper. System: Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows ME, Windows XP, Vista, W7.
Hardware Requirements: Pentium III, 1.6 GHz (higher recommended), 32MG RAM, 30MG HDD, mouse (or equivalent), CD-ROM, 800x600 resolution monitor, 256+ colors.
Price: See: Pricing
Updates: Database current at time of purchase; updates available when desired or recommended.


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