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N-(2-aminoethyl) aspartic acid C6H12N2O4 176.17 surfactant-metabolite
n-hexylsulfonic acid sodium C6H13NaO3S 188.22 2832-45-3 surfactant
beta-alaninediacetic acid; N-(2-carboxyethyl)iminodiacetic acid; Trilon GS C7H11NO6 205.17 6245-75-6 surfactant
perfluorooctanoic acid; C-8 C8HF15O2 414.06 335-67-1 surfactant; fabric conditioner; metabolite
sulfophenyl-4-acetic acid sodium C8H7NaO5S 238.19 38251-39-7 surfactant
n-octylsulfonic acid sodium C8H17NaO3S 216.27 5324-84-5 surfactant
n-octyl sulfate sodium C8H17NaO4S 232.27 142-31-4 surfactant
sulfophenyl-4-malonic acid sodium C9H7NaO7S 282.20 surfactant
sulfophenyl-4-propionic acid sodium C9H9NaO5S 252.22 surfactant
n-nonyl sulfate sodium C9H19NaO4S 246.30 1072-15-7 surfactant
sulfophenyl-4-butyric acid sodium C10H11NaO5S 266.24 surfactant
n-butylbenzene C10H14 134.22 104-51-8 byproduct of surfactant manufacture
n-decylsulfonic acid sodium C10H21NaO3S 244.32 13419-61-9 surfactant
2-(n-decyl) sulfate sodium C10H21NaO4S 260.33 32687-84-6 surfactant
n-decyl sulfate sodium C10H21NaO4S 260.32 142-87-0 surfactant
LO-EO-1; linear octanol monoethoxylate C10H22O2 174.28 10020-43-6 surfactant
BNP-EO-50; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)50 C115H224O51 2423.00 surfactant
LNP-EO-50; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)50 C115H224O51 2423.00 surfactant
sulfophenyl-4-(3-glutaric acid) sodium C11H11NaO7S 310.25 surfactant
n-undecylsulfonic acid sodium C11H23NaO3S 258.36 5838-34-6 surfactant
n-undecyl sulfate sodium C11H23NaO4S 274.35 1072-24-8 surfactant
4-n-hexylphenol C12H18O 178.27 2446-69-7 surfactant
n-hexylglucoside, D C12H24O6 264.32 54549-24-5 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid sodium C12H25NaO3S 272.38 2386-53-0 surfactant
n-dodecyl sulfate sodium; sodium lauryl sulfate C12H25NaO4S 288.38 151-21-3 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 1-hydroxy, sodium C12H25NaO4S 288.38 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-hydroxy, sodium C12H25NaO4S 288.38 surfactant
LO-EO-2; linear octanol (ethoxylate)2 C12H26O3 218.34 19327-37-8 surfactant
LH-EO-3; linear hexanol triethoxylate C12H26O4 234.34 25961-89-1 surfactant
1-dodecanol -12-sulfate C12H26O5S 282.40 surfactant
4-(n-heptyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C13H19NaO3S 278.35 surfactant
4-heptylphenol C13H20O 192.30 1987-50-4 surfactant
n-undecylsulfonic acid, 1-carbomethoxy, sodium C13H25NaO5S 316.39 surfactant
n-tridecylsulfonic acid sodium C13H27NaO3S 286.41 surfactant
BTDS-Na; branched tridecanol sulfate sodium salt C13H27NaO4S 302.41 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-methoxy, sodium C13H27NaO4S 302.41 surfactant
decyltrimethylammonium bromide C13H30BrN 280.30 2082-84-0 surfactant
4-(n-octyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C14H21NaO3S 292.37 6149-03-7 surfactant
n-octylbenzene C14H22 190.33 2189-60-8 byproduct of surfactant manufacture
n-octyl-beta-D-glucoside C14H28O6 292.37 29836-26-8 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid sodium C14H29NaO3S 300.43 6994-45-2 surfactant
2-(n-tetradecyl) sulfate sodium C14H29NaO4S 316.44 surfactant
4-(n-tetradecyl) sulfate sodium C14H29NaO4S 316.44 surfactant
7-ethyl-2-methyl-4-undecanol sulfate sodium salt C14H29NaO4S 316.44 139-88-8 D-sclerosing agent; surfactant
LTEDS-Na; linear tetradecanol sulfate sodium salt C14H29NaO4S 316.43 1191-50-0 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-ethoxy, sodium C14H29NaO4S 316.44 surfactant
n-tetradecyl-sulfonic acid, 1-hydroxy, sodium C14H29NaO4S 316.44 93941-93-6 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-hydroxy, sodium C14H29NaO4S 316.44 surfactant
LO-EO-3; linear octanol (ethoxylate)3 C14H30O4 262.39 19327-38-9 surfactant
LH-EO-4; linear hexanol (ethoxylate)4 C14H30O5 278.39 surfactant
1-tetradecanol -14-sulfate C14H30O5S 310.45 surfactant
1-dodecanol -12-(EO)1-sulfate C14H30O6S 326.45 surfactant
4-(3-nonyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C15H23NaO3S 306.40 surfactant
BNP; branched nonylphenol C15H24O 220.35 84852-15-3 surfactant
nonylphenol isomers C15H24O 220.35 25154-52-3 surfactant metabolite
N-(n-decyl)pyridinium chloride C15H26ClN 255.83 1609-21-8 surfactant
n-tridecylsulfonic acid, 1-carbomethoxy, sodium C15H29NaO5S 344.45 surfactant
n-propyl dodecanoate; propyl laurate C15H30O2 242.40 3681-78-5 surfactant
LPDS-Na; linear pentadecanol sulfate sodium salt C15H31NaO4S 330.46 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-isopropoxy, sodium C15H31NaO4S 330.46 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-n-propoxy, sodium C15H31NaO4S 330.46 surfactant
1-pentadecanol -15-sulfate C15H32O5S 324.48 surfactant
n-nonyltriethoxyphosphate C15H33O7P 356.40 surfactant
dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide C15H34BrN 308.35 1119-94-4 surfactant
dodecyltrimethylammonium chloride; laurtrimonium chloride C15H34ClN 263.89 112-00-5 surfactant
4-(2-decyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C16H25NaO3S 320.43 surfactant
4-(3-decyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C16H25NaO3S 320.43 surfactant
4-(5-decyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C16H25NaO3S 320.43 surfactant
LAS; linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium; model structure C16H25NaO3S 320.43 42615-29-2 surfactant
LAS-xC10; x-(4-sulfophenyl)decane sodium C16H25NaO3S 320.43 surfactant
n-decylbenzene C16H26 218.38 104-72-3 byproduct of surfactant manufacture
BOP-EO-1.5; branched octylphenol (ethoxylate)1.5 C16H26O2 272.41 surfactant
LOP-EO-1; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)1 C16H26O2 250.38 51437-89-9 surfactant
monodecyl citrate C16H28O7 332.39 19763-41-8 surfactant
2-(n-pentadecyl)sulfonic acid, 1-carboxylic acid, disodium C16H30Na2O5S 380.45 surfactant
DDA-EO-2; dodecanoic acid (diethoxy) ester C16H32O4 288.43 141-20-8 surfactant
n-decylglucoside C16H32O6 320.43 41444-55-7 surfactant
n-hexadecylsulfonic acid sodium C16H33NaO3S 328.49 15015-81-3 surfactant
hexadecylsulfate sodium C16H33NaO4S 344.48 1120-01-0 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-n-butoxy, sodium C16H33NaO4S 344.49 surfactant
n-hexadecyl-sulfonic acid, 1-hydroxy, sodium C16H33NaO4S 344.49 surfactant
n-hexadecylsulfonic acid, 3-hydroxy, sodium C16H33NaO4S 344.49 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-hydroxyethoxy, sodium C16H33NaO5S 360.49 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-dimethylamino, sodium C16H34NNaO3S 343.51 surfactant
LTED-EO-1, linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)1 C16H34O2 258.45 2136-70-1 surfactant
LDD-EO-2; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)2 C16H34O3 274.44 3055-93-4 surfactant
LD-EO-3; linear decanol (ethoxylate)3 C16H34O4 290.44 4669-23-2 surfactant
LO-EO-4; linear octanol (ethoxylate)4 C16H34O5 306.44 19327-39-0 surfactant
1-hexadecanol -16-sulfate C16H34O5S 338.51 surfactant
LH-EO-5; linear hexane pentaethoxylate C16H34O6 322.44 86674-95-5 surfactant
1-tetradecanol -14-(EO)1-sulfate C16H34O6S 354.51 surfactant
1-tridecanol -13-(EO)2-sulfate C16H34O6S 384.53 surfactant
1-dodecanol -12-(EO)2-sulfate C16H34O7S 370.50 surfactant
4-n-nonylphenoxyacetic acid C17H26O3 278.39 3115-49-9 surfactant
4-(2-undecyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C17H27NaO3S 334.45 6183-51-3 surfactant
4-(n-undecyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C17H27NaO3S 334.45 surfactant
LAS-xC11; x-(4-sulfophenyl)undecane sodium salt C17H27NaO3S 334.45 surfactant
BNP-EO-1; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)1 C17H28O2 264.41 surfactant
LNP-EO-1.5; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)1.5 C17H28O2 286.43 surfactant
1-dodecylpyridinium chloride; laurylpyridinium chloride C17H30ClN 283.88 104-74-5 surfactant, sanitizer
n-pentadecylsulfonic acid, 1-carbomethoxy, sodium C17H33NaO5S 372.50 surfactant
caproyl arginine methyl ester hydrochloride C17H35ClN4O3 378.94 surfactant
n-heptadecylsulfonic acid sodium C17H35NaO3S 342.52 surfactant
n-hexadecylsulfonic acid, 3-methoxy, sodium C17H35NaO4S 358.52 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-propylamino, sodium C17H36NNaO3S 357.53 surfactant
LTD-EO-2; n-tridecanol (ethoxylate)2 C17H36O3 288.47 14663-73-1 surfactant
1-pentadecanol -15-(EO)1-sulfate C17H36O6S 368.53 surfactant
tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide; myrtrimonium bromide C17H38BrN 336.41 1119-97-7 surfactant
4-(n-dodec-5-ynyl)-N-methylpyridinium iodide C18H28IN 385.33 surfactant
4-(3-dodecyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C18H29NaO3S 348.48 surfactant
4-(6-dodecyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C18H29NaO3S 348.48 surfactant
4-(n-dodecyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C18H29NaO3S 348.48 25155-30-0 surfactant
LAS-xC12; x-(4-sulfophenyl)dodecane sodium salt C18H29NaO3S 348.48 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-phenoxy, sodium C18H29NaO4S 364.48 surfactant
1-phenyldodecane C18H30 246.43 123-01-3 byproduct of surfactant manufacture
4-dodecylphenol; also CAS 27459-10-5 C18H30O 262.43 104-43-8 surfactant
LOP-EO-2; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)2 C18H30O3 294.43 surfactant
4-(1-methylundecyl)-N-methylpyridinium iodide C18H32IN 389.37 surfactant
4-(n-dodecyl)-N-methylpyridinium iodide C18H32IN 389.37 surfactant
2-(n-heptadecyl)sulfonic acid, 1-carboxylic acid, disodium C18H34Na2O5S 408.51 surfactant
n-pentadecylsulfonic acid, 1-carboethoxy, sodium C18H35NaO5S 386.53 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-morpholino, sodium C18H36NNaO4S 385.54 surfactant
n-dodecylglucoside C18H36O6 348.48 59122-55-3 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-n-hexoxy, sodium C18H37NaO4S 372.54 surfactant
n-octadecyl-sulfonic acid, 1-hydroxy, sodium C18H37NaO4S 372.54 surfactant
octadecylsulfuric acid sodium C18H37NaO4S 372.54 1120-04-3 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-hydroxyethoxyethoxy, sodium C18H37NaO6S 404.54 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-butylamino, sodium C18H38NNaO3S 371.56 surfactant
LTED-EO-2; linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)2 C18H38O3 302.50 surfactant
LDD-EO-3; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)3 C18H38O4 318.50 3055-94-5 surfactant
LD-EO-4; linear decanol (ethoxylate)4 C18H38O5 334.50 surfactant
LO-EO-5; linear octanol (ethoxylate)5 C18H38O6 350.50 19327-40-3 surfactant
LH-EO-6; linear hexanol (ethoxylate)6 C18H38O7 366.49 surfactant
1-tetradecanol -14-(EO)2-sulfate C18H38O7S 398.56 surfactant
BNP-EO-2-acid; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)2 acid monobromide, Br-position not stated C19H29BrO4 401.35 surfactant
BNP-EO-2-acid; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)2 acid C19H30O4 322.45 surfactant
BNP-EO-2-Br; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)2 monobromide, Br-position not stated C19H31BrO3 387.36 surfactant
LAS-xC13; x-(4-sulfophenyl)tridecane sodium salt C19H31NaO3S 362.51 surfactant
BNP-EO-1.5; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)1.5 C19H32O3 276.35 surfactant
LNP-EO-2; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)2 C19H32O3 308.46 20427-84-3 surfactant
n-heptadecylsulfonic acid, 1-carbomethoxy, sodium C19H37NaO5S 400.55 surfactant
n-pentadecylsulfonic acid, 1-carbo-n-propoxy, sodium C19H37NaO5S 400.55 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-piperidino, sodium C19H38NNaO3S 383.57 surfactant
lauroylarginine methyl ester hydrochloride C19H39ClN4O3 407.00 surfactant
n-hexadecylsulfonic acid, 3-n-propoxy, sodium C19H39NaO4S 386.57 surfactant
LPD-EO-2; n-pentadecanol (ethoxylate)2 C19H40O3 316.52 56049-80-0 surfactant
1-pentadecanol -15-(EO)2-sulfate C19H40O7S 412.59 surfactant
hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide; cetyltrimethylammonium bromide C19H42BrN 364.45 57-09-0 surfactant
cetyltrimethylammonium chloride C19H42ClN 320.00 112-02-7 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-trichlorophenoxy, sodium [unstated Cl-positions] C20H30Cl3NaO4S 495.87 surfactant
2,5-diheptylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium C20H33NaO3S 376.53 surfactant
2-ethyl-5-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium C20H33NaO3S 376.53 surfactant
2-propyyl-5-undecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium C20H33NaO3S 376.53 surfactant
4-(n-tetradecyl)benzenesulfonic acid sodium C20H33NaO3S 334.45 surfactant
5-ethyl-2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium C20H33NaO3S 376.53 surfactant
5-methyl-2-tridecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium C20H33NaO3S 376.53 surfactant
5-propyyl-2-undecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium C20H33NaO3S 376.53 surfactant
LAS-xC14; x-(4-sulfophenyl)tetradecane sodium salt C20H33NaO3S 376.54 surfactant
n-tetradecylsulfonic acid, 3-phenoxy, sodium C20H33NaO4S 392.53 surfactant
n-tetradecylbenzene C20H34 274.49 1459-10-5 byproduct of surfactant manufacture
LOP-EO-3; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)3 C20H34O4 338.49 2315-62-0 surfactant
4-(6-dodecyyl)benzenesulfonic acid dimethylammonium salt C20H37NO3S 371.58 surfactant
n-heptadecylsulfonic acid, 1-carboethoxy, sodium C20H39NaO5S 414.58 surfactant
2-ethylhexyl dodecanoate C20H40O2 312.53 20292-08-4 surfactant
DDA-EO-4; dodecanoic acid (tetraethoxy) ester C20H40O6 376.53 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-(2-ethyl-n-hexoxy), sodium C20H41NaO4S 400.60 surfactant
n-dodecylsulfonic acid, 3-n-octoxy, sodium C20H41NaO4S 400.60 surfactant
n-hexadecylsulfonic acid, 3-n-butoxy, sodium C20H41NaO4S 400.60 surfactant
LHD-EO-2; linear hexadecanol (ethoxylate)2 C20H42O3 330.55 surfactant
LTED-EO-3; linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)3 C20H42O4 346.55 26826-30-2 surfactant
LDD-EO-4; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)4 C20H42O5 362.55 5274-68-0 surfactant
LD-EO-05; linear decanol (ethoxylate)5; 3,6,9,12,15-pentaoxapentacosan-1-ol C20H42O6 378.55 23244-49-7 surfactant
LO-EO-6; linear octanol (ethoxylate)6 C20H42O7 394.55 surfactant
1-dodecanol -12-(EO)4-sulfate C20H42O9S 458.61 surfactant
n-heptadecyltrimethylammonium chloride C20H44ClN 334.03 surfactant
N-(n-hexadecyl)pyridinium bromide C21H38BrN 384.45 surfactant
N-methyl-N-oleoyl taurate sodium; MOT-Na C21H40NNaO4S 425.60 137-20-2 surfactant
n-heptadecylsulfonic acid, 1-carbo-isopropoxy, sodium C21H41NaO5S 428.61 surfactant
n-heptadecylsulfonic acid, 1-carbo-n-propoxy, sodium C21H41NaO5S 428.61 surfactant
Cequartyl O; oleyltrimethylammonium chloride C21H44ClN 346.04 surfactant
1,2-propanediamine oleate C21H44N2O2 356.59 surfactant
1,3-propanediamine oleate C21H44N2O2 356.59 surfactant
LTD-EO-4; linear tridecanol tetraethoxylate C21H44O5 376.58 930-08-5 surfactant
LN-EO6; nonanol (ethoxylate)6 C21H44O7 408.57 surfactant
1,3-propanediamine stearate C21H46N2O2 358.61 surfactant
LAS-xC16; x-(4-sulfophenyl)hexadecane sodium salt C22H37NaO3S 404.59 surfactant
n-hexadecylbenzene C22H38 302.55 1459-09-2 byproduct of surfactant manufacture
LOP-EO-4.5; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)4.5 C22H38O5 406.58 surfactant
LOP-EO-4; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)4 C22H38O5 382.54 surfactant
benzyldimethyl-n-tridecylammonium chloride C22H40ClN 354.02 surfactant
4-(6-dodecyyl)benzenesulfonic acid diethylammonium salt C22H41NO3S 399.64 surfactant
LTED-EO-4, linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)4 C22H46O5 390.60 surfactant
LDD-EO-5.25; DOBANOL 23-4.5/6; linear dodecanol/tridecanol (ethoxylate)5.25 C22H46O6 424.63 surfactant
LDD-EO-5; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)5; NEODOL 23-5 C22H46O6 406.60 3055-95-6 surfactant
LD-EO-6; NEODOL 91-6; linear decanol (ethoxylate)6; CAS also 5168-89-8 C22H46O7 422.60 68439-46-3 surfactant
1-tetradecanol -14-(EO)4-sulfate C22H46O9S 486.66 surfactant
LNP-EO-4; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)4 C23H40O5 396.57 7311-27-5 surfactant
N,N-dimethyl-N-tetradecyl-N-benzylammonium chloride; Zephiramine chloride C23H42ClN 368.05 139-08-2 surfactant
1-pentadecanol -15-(EO)4-sulfate C23H48O9S 500.69 surfactant
LAS-xC18; x-(4-sulfophenyl)octadecane sodium salt C24H41NaO3S 432.64 surfactant
octadecylbenzene C24H42 330.60 4445-07-2 byproduct of surfactant manufacture
BOP-EO-5; branched octylphenol (ethoxylate)5 C24H42O6 426.59 2315-64-2 surfactant
LOP-EO-5; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)5 C24H42O6 426.59 surfactant
DDA-EO-6; dodecanoic acid (hexaethoxy) ester C24H48O8 464.64 2370-64-1 surfactant
LTED-EO-5; linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)5 C24H50O6 434.66 92669-01-7 surfactant
LDD-EO-6.5; NEODOL 23-6.5; linear dodecanol/tridecanol (ethoxylate)6.5 C24H50O7 479.69 surfactant
LDD-EO-6; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)6 C24H50O7 450.65 3055-96-7 surfactant
LDD-EO-6; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)6.5 C24H50O7 450.66 surfactant
LNP-EO-4.5ac; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)4.5 acetate C25H42O6 460.63 surfactant
BNP-EO-5; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)5 C25H44O6 440.62 surfactant
LNP-EO-5; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)5 C25H44O6 440.62 26264-02-8 surfactant
benzylcetyldimethylammonium chloride; benzylhexadecyldimethylammonium chloride C25H46ClN 396.10 122-18-9 surfactant
LUD-EO-7; NEODOL 1-7; linear undecanol (ethoxylate)7 C25H52O8 480.68 surfactant
LN-EO-8; linear nonanol (ethoxylate)8 C25H52O9 496.68 surfactant
LOP-EO-6; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)6 C26H46O7 470.65 surfactant
LO-EO-9; linear octanol (ethoxylate)9 C26H54O10 526.71 surfactant
LHD-EO-5; n-hexadecanol (ethoxylate)5 C26H54O6 462.71 4478-97-1 surfactant
LTED-EO-6, linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)6 C26H54O7 478.71 5157-04-0 surfactant
BDD-EO7; branched dodecanol (ethoxylate)7 C26H54O8 494.71 surfactant
LDD-EO-7.5; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)7.5 C26H54O8 494.71 surfactant
LDD-EO-7; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)7 C26H54O8 494.71 3055-97-8 surfactant
LD-EO-8; DOBANOL 91-8; linear decanol (ethoxylate)8 C26H54O9 510.71 24233-81-6 surfactant
LNP-EO-6; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)6 C27H48O7 484.67 surfactant
BTD-EO-7b; BAE-7BT; branched tridecanol (ethoxylate)7 C27H56O8 508.73 surfactant
BTD-EO-7p; BAE-7PT; branched tridecanol (ethoxylate)7 C27H56O8 508.73 surfactant
LUD-EO-8; linear undecanol (ethoxylate)8 C27H56O9 524.74 surfactant
LOP-EO-7; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)7 C28H50O8 514.70 32742-88-4 surfactant
OL-EO-5.5; oleyl (ethoxylate)5.5 C28H56O6 488.75 surfactant
LD-EO-9; linear decanol (ethoxylate)9 C28H58O10 554.76 surfactant
LO-EO-10; linear octanol (ethoxylate)10 C28H58O11 570.76 19327-44-7 surfactant
1-dodecanol -12-(EO)8-sulfate C28H58O13S 634.82 surfactant
LHD-EO-6; linear hexadecane hexaethoxylate C28H58O7 506.76 surfactant
LTED-EO-7; linear tetadecyl/pentadecyl heptaethoxylate C28H58O8 522.76 68951-67-7 surfactant
LTED-EO-7; linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)7 C28H58O8 522.76 surfactant
LDD-EO-8; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)8 C28H58O9 538.76 3055-98-9 surfactant
LUD-EO-9; NEODOL 1-9; linear undecanol (ethoxylate)9 C29H60O10 568.79 surfactant
LTD-EO-8; linear tridecane octaethoxylate C29H60O9 552.79 surfactant
LOP-EO-8.5; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)8.5 C30H54O9 582.79 surfactant
LOP-EO-8; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)8 C30H54O9 558.75 surfactant
LDD-EO-9; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)9;  LAE-9; Polidocanol C30H62O10 582.81 3055-99-0 surfactant
LHD-EO-7; linear hexadecanol (ethoxylate)7 C30H62O8 550.82 surfactant
LTED-EO-8; linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)8 C30H62O9 566.81 27847-86-5 surfactant
LNP-EO-8; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)8 C31H56O9 572.78 41506-14-3 surfactant
LTD-EO-9; linear tridecanol (ethoxylate)9 C31H64O10 596.84 surfactant
1-pentadecanol -15-(EO)8-sulfate C31H64O13S 676.90 surfactant
LPD-EO-8; linear pentadecanol (ethoxylate)8 C31H64O9 580.84 surfactant
methylviologendi(decylsulfonic acid) inner salt C32H52N2O6S2 624.90 surfactant
LOP-EO-9.5; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)9.5 C32H58O10 626.85 surfactant
LOP-EO-9; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)9 C32H58O10 602.81 42173-90-0 surfactant
LTED-EO-9, linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)9; 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27-nonaoxahentetracontan-1-ol C32H66O10 610.87 7300-81-4 surfactant
LDD-EO-10; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)10 C32H66O11 626.87 9002-92-0 surfactant
LHD-EO-8; n-hexadecanol (ethoxylate)8 C32H66O9 594.87 5698-39-5 surfactant
BNP-EO-9; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)09 C33H60O10 616.83 surfactant
LNP-EO-9; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)9 C33H60O10 616.83 26571-11-9 surfactant
BNP-EO-9-P; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)9 phosphate C33H60O13P 695.80 surfactant
BNP-EO-9-SA; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)9 sulfate ammonium C33H63NO13S 713.92 surfactant
LTD-EO-10-Cl; linear tridecanol (ethoxylate)10 chloride C33H67ClO10 659.34 surfactant
bis(caproylarginine)1,2-ethylenediamide dihydrochloride C33H68Cl2N10O4 739.88 surfactant
LPD-EO-9; linear pentadecanol (ethoxylate)9 C33H68O10 624.89 surfactant
LTD-EO-10; linear tridecanol (ethoxylate)10 C33H68O11 640.90 surfactant
LTD-EO-9.75; linear tridecanol (ethoxylate)9.75 C33H68O11 629.88 surfactant
LOP-EO-10; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)10 C34H62O11 646.86 surfactant
bis(caproylarginine)1,3-propylenediamide dihydrochloride C34H70Cl2N10O4 753.91 surfactant
LNP-EO-9ac; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)9 acetate C35H62O11 658.87 surfactant
LNP-EO-10; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)10 C35H64O11 660.88 26027-38-3 surfactant
bis(caproylarginine)1,4-butylenediamide dihydrochloride C35H72Cl2N10O4 767.93 surfactant
methylviologendi(dodecylsulfonic acid) inner salt C36H60N2O6S2 681.01 surfactant
LOD-EO-09; linear octadecanol (ethoxylate)8 C36H74O10 666.98 surfactant
LHD-EO-10; linear hexadecanol (ethoxylate)10 C36H74O11 682.97 surfactant
LTED-EO-11; linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)11 C36H74O12 698.97 surfactant
LDD-EO-12; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)12 C36H74O13 714.97 3056-00-6 surfactant
LDD-EO-12; NEODOL 25-12; linear dodecanol/pentadecanol (ethoxylate)12 C36H74O13 736.01 surfactant
di(n-heptadecyl)-dimethylammonium chloride C36H76ClN 558.46 surfactant
LNP-EO-11; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)11 C37H68O12 704.94 surfactant
bis(caproylarginine)1,6-hexenediamide dihydrochloride C37H76Cl2N10O4 795.99 surfactant
bis(lauroylarginine)1,2-ethylenediamide dihydrochloride C37H76Cl2N10O4 795.99 surfactant
LTD-EO-12; linear tridecane dodecaethoxylate C37H76O13 729.00 surfactant
LOP-EO-12.5; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)12.5 C38H70O13 759.01 surfactant
OL-EO-10; oleyl (ethoxylate)10 C38H76O11 709.02 surfactant
bis(lauroylarginine)1,3-propylenediamide dihydrochloride C38H78Cl2N10O4 810.01 surfactant
LDD-EO-13; linear dodecanol (ethoxylate)13 C38H78O14 759.03 surfactant
1,2-propanediamine dioleate C39H78N2O4 639.06 surfactant
1,3-propanediamine dioleate C39H78N2O4 639.06 surfactant
bis(lauroylarginine)1,4-butylenediamide dihydrochloride C39H80Cl2N10O4 824.04 surfactant
1,2-propanediamine distearate C39H82N2O4 643.09 surfactant
1,3-propanediamine distearate C39H82N2O4 643.09 surfactant
methylviologendi(tetradecylsulfonic acid) inner salt C40H68N2O6S2 737.12 surfactant
bis(caproylarginine)1,9-nonenediamide dihydrochloride C40H82Cl2N10O4 838.07 surfactant
LHD-EO-12; linear hexadecane dodecaethoxylate C40H82O13 771.08 surfactant
LTED-EO-13; NEODOL 45-13; linear tetradecanol/pentadecanol (ethoxylate)13 C40H82O14 794.09 surfactant
LDD-EO-14; linear dodecane tetradecaethoxylate C40H82O15 803.08 surfactant
BNP-EO-13; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)13 C41H76O14 793.04 surfactant
bis(caproylarginine)1,10-decenediamide dihydrochloride C41H84Cl2N10O4 852.09 surfactant
bis(lauroylarginine)1,6-hexenediamide dihydrochloride C41H84Cl2N10O4 852.09 surfactant
LHD-EO-13; linear hexadecanol (ethoxylate)13 C42H86O14 815.14 surfactant
LTED-EO-14; linear tetradecanol (ethoxylate)14 C42H86O15 831.13 surfactant
LOP-EO-15; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)15 C44H82O16 867.12 surfactant
bis(lauroylarginine)1,9-nonenediamide dihydrochloride C44H90Cl2N10O4 894.18 surfactant
BNP-EO-15; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)15 C45H84O16 881.15 surfactant
LNP-EO-15; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)15 C45H84O16 881.15 surfactant
bis(lauroylarginine)1,10-decenediamide dihydrochloride C45H92Cl2N10O4 908.20 surfactant
1-(C45-linear alkyl) -45-sulfate C45H92O5S 745.29 surfactant
LOP-EO-16; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)16 C46H86O17 911.18 surfactant
LHD-EO-15; linear hexadecane pentadecaethoxylate C46H94O16 903.24 surfactant
OL-EO-15; oleyl (ethoxylate)15 C48H96O16 929.28 surfactant
BNP-EO-17; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)17 C49H92O18 969.26 surfactant
LTD-EO-20; linear tridecanol (ethoxylate)20 C53H108O21 1081.42 surfactant
LNP-EO-20; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)20 C55H104O21 1101.42 surfactant
LPD-EO-20; linear pentadecanol (ethoxylate)20 C55H112O21 1109.48 surfactant
LHD-EO-20; linear hexadecanol (ethoxylate)20 C56H114O21 1123.50 surfactant
OL-EO-20; oleyl (ethoxylate)20 C58H116O21 1149.54 surfactant
LHD-EO-21; linear hexadecane uneicosaethoxylate C58H118O22 1167.56 surfactant
LDD-EO-23; linear dodecane trieicosaethoxylate C60H122O25 1243.61 surfactant
LHD-EO-25; linear hexadecanol (ethoxylate)25 C66H134O26 1343.77 surfactant
LNP-EO-30; linear nonylphenol (ethoxylate)30 C75H144O31 1541.95 surfactant
LDD-EO-31; linear dodecane ...ethoxylate C76H154O33 1596.03 surfactant
OL-EO-30; oleyl (ethoxylate)30 C78H156O31 1590.07 surfactant
LOP-EO-40; linear octylphenol (ethoxylate)40 C94H182O41 1968.45 surfactant
BNP-EO-40; branched nonylphenol (ethoxylate)40 C95H184O41 1982.47 surfactant