TerraTox - Honey Bee

Profile: Specialty database with Honey Bee data
Users: Beekeepers, researchers & managers in bee-keeping, pesticides, environment, agriculture, waste management, etc.
Data: Measured toxicity data for honey bees (LC50, LD50, EC50, IC50, CC50, ICG50, etc.) and physico-chemical property values for almost 100 species of aquatic and terrestrial organisms and over 300 individual substances. For a complete list of effects and properties covered, see: Parameters
Search Capabilities: Uses TerraTox vs. 3 search engine with concurrent searching for:
- Molecular structure fragment
- Multiple name fragments
- CAS number fragment
- Chemical formula fragment
- Two numeric property values or ranges of any of the Parameters
Search Results List: Complete list satisfying all search criteria. List can be exported or printed. List can be appended with results from additional searches
Individual Compound Records: Accessible from Search Results List. Complete reports with compound structure, available toxicity, phys-chem, & other data, and references.
Manual: Built-in, with examples.
Medium: CD-ROM;  DEMO CD available!
Oper. System Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows ME, Windows XP, Vista, W7, Windows 7.
Hardware Requirements: Modern computer, 1.6 GHz (higher recommended), 32MG RAM, 30MG HDD, mouse (or equivalent), CD-ROM, 800x600 resolution monitor using 256+ colors.
Price: See: Pricing
Updates: Database current at time of purchase; updates available when desired or recommended.


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