Profile: SKIN Irritation Computation Program
Purpose: Stand-alone neural network-based program to compute the skin irritation potential of organic chemicals for the rabbit (Draize test)
Computation Input: A chemical's SMILES string.
Computation Algorithm: Proprietary probabilistic neural network algorithm.
Computation Speed: Results are available within seconds.
Computation Output: The computed skin irritation potential in scalar units, between 0.00 (non-irritating) and 2.00 (severely itrritating), and the molecular weight of the compound.
Manual / Help System: Built-in; request a complimentary full copy of the TerraQSAR™ - SKIN Manual by email, or download it here in pdf format (TerraQSAR-SKIN.pdf).
Distribution Medium: CD-ROM.
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows ME; Windows XP.
Hardware Requirements: Pentium IV, 1 GHz (higher recommended), 32MG RAM, 30MG HDD, mouse (or equivalent), CD-ROM, monitor with 800 x 600 or higher resolution using 256+ colors.
Price: See: Pricing.
Availability: Released: Vers. 1.1, Aug., 2005.
Limited time offer for free predictions: Send structures by EMAIL as SMILES strings (must be in Accelrys notation) or by FAX as drawings.


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